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Store Creation

Our core service, we help busy retailers build beautiful online stores using the Shopify eCommerce platform. While Shopify simplifies many of the tasks necessary to create and manage an online store , the development of an effective eCommerce website is still a complex project. We will guide you through the process, build your site with you, and then train you on how to use it.

Store Migration

You may already have an online retail store (say with Magento or WordPress/Woocommerce) but have decided you’d like to migrate to Shopify. This involves creating a Shopify website, rebuilding it with existing assets, and then migrating the products from one platform to the other. We can assist with this process, and manage the project so as to minimise any interruption to your sales.

Support Packages

After we’ve built your new store, and we’ve trained you and/or your staff to use it, you may like to keep us on as part of the team with a retainer support package. Think of it as your own IT / Technical Support Department, but far more cost effective than hiring a new staff member. We are happy to create a package that is tailored to suit you, from a few hours a month, to blocks of time that can be used over a long period.

Loading Products

One of the most time-intensive tasks related to managing your own online retail store is the loading of products. Think of it as the digital equivalent of merchandizing your stock. Each product will need at least one (preferably more) attractive image, a compelling description, and a number of tags to assist with collection creation in Shopify. It’s not difficult – especially after we show you how – but it could be something you’d prefer to have someone else do while you use your valuable time on something less tedious.


We are more than happy to provide ad hoc consulting services on all things Shopify and eCommerce – whether you need some help with your shipping settings, advice on how to get started, or just how to get the most out of your Shopify store, we would love to assist you.

Product & Lifestyle Photography

A retail website development project will often require lifestyle photography (flattering images of your products being used by people) or product photography (clear images of your products, often from various angles). Sometimes you can get both of these from your suppliers, but sometimes you’ll need to create your own. We have a relationship with talented and experienced photographer to provide this service if necessary.



We have a strong graphic design capability at ShopiFORGE, and can provide full logo, branding, and corporate identity development services by a highly skilled and qualified graphic designer at a very reasonable rate.


CopyWRITING / Content Generation

The creation of content for your online store is generally your responsibility. You provide the content, and we build the site using that content. However, if you need assistance writing compelling and professional copy, from delivery policies to blogs, we can assist.

Retail Express Consulting

We are very familiar with the popular Point of Sale (POS) system Retail Express. We have also helped retailers set up their system correctly, troubleshoot issues, train their staff, load barcodes etc. Retail Express integrates with Shopify, which is obviously very helpful if you already have Retail Express and would like to use Shopify as your online store platform. Your products and inventory are automatically pulled from Retail Express and updated in near real-time, so that you never sell anything in Shopify that you’ve already sold in-store.

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